Unsere Klimastrategie

We take responsibility for a sustainable environment because we only use recycled and biodegradable shipping materials. Our cardboard boxes are sourced from professional suppliers who, through years of experience, can meet the European Union's standards for combating climate change. Also, specially selected filling material ensures very high content protection with the lowest possible material waste for increased sustainability.

However, protecting our nature does not only take place during packaging, but must be ensured during the entire delivery process to our customer. We keep our emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2 as low as possible by limiting ourselves to only one supplier. We ship exclusively via the carbon-neutral transport DHL GoGreen.

The goal of sustainability has also found its place in our product development. Since the beginning of our first collection, we have designed our products to be very space-saving in order to counteract the current waste of materials in our consumer society. In addition, the lower volume and weight is reflected in a more positive greenhouse balance, during transport. We want to make our personal contribution to a better future and expand our efforts in this area in the future with even more sustainable products. With the purchase of our glasses you contribute to a sustainable development of our society.