Plain Lenses

Clear Rosé

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  • Model: Clear Rosé
  • Glasses for: Unisex
  • Shape: Round
  • Size glasses-bridge: 48 - 21
  • Frame length: 142
  • Frame material: Synthetic material
  • Weight: 23 g

Do you like to wear an eye-catcher? The Plain Lenses Clear Rosé is a pair of blue light filter glasses, which is a recognizable accessory with its rosé tone. It comes in a pleasant pink color and is just right for any person who likes to wear eye-catching styles. Thanks to the light weight and the pre-shaped nose pad, the model guarantees maximum comfort.

Due to today's consumer behavior in front of various screen devices, disadvantages such as disturbed sleep patterns, irritated eyes and headaches arise. Like all our blue light filter glasses, the Clear Rosé model helps to reduce these disadvantages. Whether you're at the office in front of your PC or enjoying your free time, our Plain Lenses blue light filter glasses will protect and style you at the same time.

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